Julia Russell Massage Services

Team Massage 

Since 2001 JRM has specialised in catering to the needs of sporting teams both locally based and those teams on tour. Massage is an integral part of any athletes training program and finding the time to incorporate this into a training schedule can be difficult. JRM specialises in servicing large groups in a short period of time. 

If you are a locally based team – We come to you at your training venue or recovery session.
If you are a touring team or team in camp  – We come to you at your training venue or hotel as part of your pre game preparation or, post flight and game recovery. We also provide game day massage for teams. If you are having difficulty scheduling massage into your program JRM is available for consultation to offer you solutions on how you can incorporate your session and be both time and cost efficient. 
Why have massage?
Athletes are continually pushing their bodies to extreme levels of exertion either in training or competition. Without a proper recovery program, over time this may lead to preventable acute or chronic injury stemming from increased muscle tightness and or decreased range of motion. Constant heavily exercised muscles may also lose their capacity to relax and a lack of flexibility is often linked to muscle soreness and predisposes athletes to injuries, especially pulls and tears. Blood flow through tight muscles is also poor and can cause localised pain. Read on to find out why you should have your team massage with JRM, what the benefits are from both a player’s perspective and team management perspective and what the benefits are to your touring team. The main roles of massage in the training regime are;

Maintenance / Prevention 
To ensure niggles and areas of acute tightness are managed so as injuries may be prevented and joint range of motion maintained. This will allow the athlete to continue training / playing at the intensity that the sport demands. 

To alleviate muscle soreness associated with the weekly grind of training and competition. Regular sports massage has been shown to shorten recovery time between bouts of exercise by maximising the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow and enhancing the elimination of metabolic waste by-products of exercise.

Allowing the body and mind to switch off even for short periods helps in keeping the athlete fresh and focused. Their knowing that everything is being done to prepare them for competition also provides them a positive psychological benefit.

In the event of injury, massage plays an important part in speeding up the rehabilitation process. This is achieved by increasing blood flow and so nutrients and oxygen to the area, removing wastes and fluid (swelling) and by reducing spasm and tightness in the injured muscles and the non injured muscles that are compensating the injured area. It also ensures the muscles fibres repair in a strong, flexible manner reducing the formation of scar tissue.

Why Have Organised Massage with JRM? 
Having worked with numerous teams, both international and domestic, from various sporting codes I am not only familiar with the aims and goals of management and athletes but I am also familiar with the requirements of a strict time schedule and the protocol required when working with the teams for both training sessions and match day preparations.
The benefits of having an organised massage session incorporated into the training program from a player prospective are; 
  • Those who regularly get massage else where will be able to do so at their training venue reducing the travel time and organisation required by the individual.
  • Those who may not have otherwise received massage due to time and/or cost constraints would do so as it is part of their organised training program.
  • Athletes will enjoy all the benefits outlined in the ‘Roles of massage’ section. Based on feedback from clubs the players always find the sessions enjoyable and beneficial to their training regime which is often reflected in their attitude to other training tasks.
  • They will see it as a positive move by the club in looking after their health as athletes. The players can find the time mentally refreshing from the usual physical rigours associated with training sessions.

From a management perspective;  

  • JRM can provide any number of therapists required, so a squad of players can be serviced in two to three hours meaning it is not only convenient but also time efficient.
  • Management knows all players are receiving massage and therefore getting the subsequent benefits which will be reflected in their individual performance.
  • By massaging a squad of players at one time we can significantly reduce the cost of the service which can be enhanced further if combined with any health fund rebates players may be entitled to.
  • A massage program can be tailored to suit the needs of the club and if need be can be changed to suit any changing circumstances.
  • My service provides this while removing from the club the difficulties of coordinating a team of individual therapists. We only need the details of time, location and number of players and we can advise you on what will best suit your needs
  • Consistency - having the same therapists means they can monitor the players and liaise with the medical team to reduce potential injury.
The Benefits of JRM to Touring Teams 
There are a number of benefits of using JRM when touring.  A group of therapists can do in a couple of hours what would take one travelling therapist all day. Massage is also physically demanding and so they will fatigue after a few hours work, especially if working every day.
We can provide a team of experienced therapists where quality is not compromised. This means you can set aside a few hours at a time that is convenient such as the evening and have an entire squad looked after. All therapists are highly experienced in working with elite athletes in conjunction with medical staff. In an industry where money is always a concern there is of course the obvious cost advantage of not having to accomodate an extra squad member.