Julia Russell Massage Services

Corporate Massage  
JRM caters to all types of requirements within the corporate sector including in office massage and events such as City to Surf, Corporate golf days and promotional events such as ladies days.
Benefits of Massage in a Corporate Setting 
Most of us view massage as a rare luxury or pamper treatment but more and more studies show that massage should be an integral part of normal life to deal with every day stress. Massage reduces stress hormones and releases endorphins fostering a sense of well being, an enhanced state for calm thinking, creativity and increased alertness and has been ranked by researchers equal in importance to diet and exercise in creating an effective health regime.

Massage can be valuable in reducing tension in the neck and shoulders or stretching out the hamstrings as a result of hours spent at the desk. Additionally it can also be of benefit for those that like to partake in social sports where the chance of soft tissue injury increases in activities such as lunch time touch football, where people go from being seated for an extended period of time to sprinting, twisting and stretching outside normal ranges of motion that the muscles are not prepared for.

Should your corporate team be participating in an event such as a triathlon, marathon or an endurance event such as the OxFam race, massage can be very useful in the recovery process and thereby reduce the number of absentee days from work following such an event.

Research has verified that;
  • Massage therapy decreases the effects of anxiety, tension and depression and aids in relaxation. As a result office workers massaged regularly were more alert, performed better and were less stressed than those who weren’t massaged.
  • Massage reduces muscle spasm and relieves muscle tension and stiffness. As a result you have an improved posture and greater joint flexibility and range of motion thus preventing more serious injuries, such as repetitive strain injury, and other joint pain.
  • Massage improves circulation of the blood and lymphatic system resulting in increased skin tone and increased immunity.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to already have an injury massage fosters faster healing of strained muscles and ligaments, reduces pain and swelling and reduces the formation of excessive scar tissue.
  • Massage has been shown to help relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye-strain as well as been found to be one of the most effective means of treating chronic back pain.
All these benefits contribute to the general well being of workers thereby reducing the number of potential sick days and also increasing the level of happiness within the workplace. The JRM system eliminates the reasons for not having a massage i.e. too expensive and inconvenient to leave the office. In other words we are very reasonably priced and we come to you bringing everything that we need. All that we require is a space in which to work. 
Types of Massage 
We generally focus on remedial massage that specifically addresses areas of tightness. Examples of the types of massage are;
  • A 15 minute head and neck and shoulder massage at the desk or on a massage chair.
  • A private room where a table is set up and people can get away from the desk and have their choice of a massage through the towel where they remain fully clothed or an oil massage.
The length of the massage can be the choice of the individual and the therapists are trained in a number of different massage techniques. 
Health Fund Information 
The therapist is able to provide you with a receipt to claim with your private health fund. Each health fund is different and your rebate depends on the level of your cover.