Julia Russell Massage Services
It's easy!
Of course one of the main advantages of our service is that there is only one contact point and so we can arrange one session or an entire tour with a single phone call for all locations. We will provide you with a single invoice at the end of your tour or regularly throughout the season for domestic teams. We are not a booking agent for individual coordinators of different groups of therapists. We know every therapist personally and they all follow the same systems so that you know that which ever location you are travelling to you will receive the exact same product. 

We come to you and will bring all the equipment required.

Client Satisfaction
To ensure our clients ongoing satisfaction - which is why they come back year after year and why our client list includes so many high profile teams - we engage team staff and athletes to gather feedback on every facet of our operations including the hands on product that the athletes receive and the administrative and operating procedures we employ. 
Our goal as a business is the satisfaction of our clients which is why we place such an emphasis on listening to what our clients want and need. 
Experience and Longevity
JRM was established in 2001 and was the first company of its type in Australia to focus on the specific needs of professional sports teams and their athletes. The JRM Team's skills combined with the vast amount of experience and knowledge operating over such a long period of time with many teams and sports has provided us with an intrinsic understanding on the needs of teams both on a week to week basis and for those teams on tour. It has also enabled us to grow and expand our operations over time to set up strong foundations and company culture. It has allowed us to refine our methods into a system that is recognised as being so good others have tried to copy it however no one has done so successfully!
Development and Consistency
Although we have this strong understanding of the evolving nature of the sports industry and use various methods to stay a breast of changing needs, we also recognise the importance of having a reproducible product and systems in place that increase the efficiency of the sessions and ultimately the value to the client. The team of JRM therapists no matter where they are based they have all been personally trained in these systems and follow specific operating procedures so that no matter where you are ( see our locations) you can rest assured all of your athletes are receiving the same high quality service. This is a feature recognised by our clients who return year after year knowing they can depend on us to provide the service they require. 
Reliable and Professional
In an industry where almost every minute of the day is accounted for, having security of mind is top priority for team managers and support staff. We take pride in our team who make it their business to ensure your sense of security is fostered through their actions of being set up on time, professionally presented and ready to go! Confidentiality is something we take seriously. Athlete and team information that our team is exposed to is treated with absolute discretion at all times.