Julia Russell Massage Services

Therapist Recommendations 

"I have been working for JRM since 2012 and have loved every minute of it!

The main highlight of the job is getting paid to work on elite athletes and also musicians. The second highlight is working with other amazing therapists who also love what they do. It's such a lovely environment to work in as all the team in JRM are extremely helpful, friendly and respectful. JRM has high expectations of their massage therapists and provides training to each therapist. The tra ining that we received when joining the JRM team was fantastic!  
Some highlights of my career with JRM have been working on the following;
The All Blacks
The Springboks
The British and Irish Lions
State of Origin Game day - sitting on the sideline with the team and watching them win.
The Drummer for Blink 182
I can't thank Julia and Jared enough for the opportunity they gave me and I look forward to many more years with JRM"  


Samantha Foxcroft 

JRM therapist 

"I completed my Cert IV in 2011 at the AIF and knew I wanted to work with JRM! I’ve always loved sports and knew this is where I wanted to massage. At the time I wasn’t very strong and had training with Julia Russell to learn how to build my strength.  
Since then not being strong enough is not a problem!!

The variety of sports and calibre of clients you meet and work with, through JRM, is second to none.
My career highlights in the last four years has been:

NRL Teams, Both State of Origin Teams, Union Teams and the NZ All Blacks.
Also this summer was working with the Australia Cricket Team before the One Day World Cup final.

If you want to take your massage to the next level and work with the best sporting teams in this country as well as international teams then JRM is where you want to be!"

Michelle Leyshon

JRM therapist  

"I started working as a massage therapist for JRM in 2010. I am extremely grateful to Julia for giving me the opportunity to build my confidence as a freshly qualified therapist, five years ago. This really kickstarted my business. Julia has an extensive network which has allowed me to work for her in two states, in Sydney and now in Adelaide where I am based. Julia creates a strong team culture through regular communication with her therapists and end of year celebra tions. She only selects quality therapists (obviously!) and ensures we meet high standards for her clients at every session through regular training plus the giving and receiving of feedback. There are many highlights of working with JRM, the main one being that I have massaged a variety of the elite sportsmen and sportswomen across Australia and New Zealand plus the Pakistani Cricket World Cup Team."

Emil Hovanec

JRM therapist 

"I am one of the JRM massage therapists in Auckland. I’ve been with JRM since 2012 and provided over 160 hrs maintenance, recovery and pre-game massage for the elite athletes and international sports teams.
I worked with a most of the Rugby League teams and with the Rugby Union teams: Western Force, Melbourne Rebels, Vodacom Blue Bulls, Argentina, Springboks.
I was a member of the JRM transtasman team at the NRL Auckland Nines. I delivered massage for the English and Austra lia netball teams at  
the Fast5 Netball World Series, for the Stingers at the Woman’s Waterpolo World Cup Qualifier and the Pakistan cricket team at the 2015 CWC.
JRM offers the unique, paid work opportunities. JR also supports MT professional development by providing personal training, helpful feedback and massage session protocols.
I enjoy working for JRM and wish them well."

Ewa Bancer

JRM Therapist

"Working with Julia Russell Massage since 2012, has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of different sports at the elite level. Each sport and team is different and it is fantastic to see different approaches taken to prepare the athletes for competition. Working as a therapist in the sporting industry in Melbourne is highly competitive and I know I would not have had the same opportunities as I have had with JRM.  
Some of my highlights have been:
Fre nch Rugby Union
Australian Women's Cricket
Victorian Women's Cricket
New Zealand Women's Netball
State of Origin 2015
The other Melbourne therapists are lovely, hard working and friendly; we all get great satisfaction when we see the success of a team we have worked with. We love it when the teams show their appreciation for the work we have done."

Leah Paterson

JRM Therapist

"I consider Julia Russell Massage a very professional company to work with that offers me career building experience with A grade elite sports teams. This company is excellent for your CV because it consistently maintains an ethical and specialised massage service. Within my Osteopathic practice, I'm always proud to say that this weekend I am helping a professional team with sports massage, and in return Julia supports me with a regular stable part time job! I've been with JRM since 2010."

Matt Stott

JRM Therapist

"Personally I have only been with your company since 2015 and I can not talk more highly of you all. The other therapists I have worked with are always pumped to start work, constantly smiling and having so much fun which I think the clients appreciate most (as well as a great massage haha). I am so grateful to have this position, sorry can't say Job because when you are doing something you love you don't call it work... The experience is amazing and don't want it to end and getting well paid on top is just an extra bonus! You are all so amazing and treat us all so well otherwise you wouldn't have so many stay with you over so many years like I hope to myself.!!"

Tahnia Riddle

JRM therapist

"I have been working for Julia Russell Massage since 2011, being part of the Sydney team of therapists.  
I have had the opportunity to work with many teams & musicians either visiting or local to Sydney including but not limited to the Manly Sea Eagles, AFL Umpires & looking after the band Empire of the Sun. I have been flown multiple locations to look after touring teams with the highlight being Coffs Harbour for the 2014 NSW State of Origin training camp.  
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Julia Russell, through her guidance and therapist training I have developed my skills within the massage industry becoming the therapist I am today.  
The position has provided me with many opportunities to date and I look for to seeing what the future holds."

Jess Dumay

JRM Therapist

"I have worked with Julia Russell Massage as a massage therapist since 2013 and found the experience to be both exciting and extremely rewarding.

Having worked in many different fields during my working career from corporate to tourism, small businesses to large corporations, I have experienced a varied assortment of management styles and during my time with JRM, I can honestly say that their style of management is one of the best in terms of organisation and p rofessionalism. They provide amazing opportunities to work with world class athletes and entertainers whilst offering a generous contract hourly rate.

Highlights of my career with JRM include working with the Rodriguez band, State of Origin Rugby League, Freemantle Dockers and match days with A-League Soccer and the NRL. It’s been an incredible experience being part of the JRM team and I look forward to continuing this relationship!"

Hayley Canuto

JRM Therapist

"I have been a Tasmanian member of the JRM team since 2012. During that time I have had the opportunity to work with State and International cricket teams, AFL , NRL and Super Rugby teams.
From my first interaction with Julia and the JRM team I was impressed. Their selection process and training means they seek the best and most professional therapists to be part of their team. JRM are a supportive business with an outstanding reputation who believe their therapists excel at what they do, their for supporting their career progression and ensuring that they are treated and compensated as the professionals they are.
I have made many friendships amongst the JRM organisation and look forward to many more years as part of their great professional team of therapists."

Marty Fry

JRM Therapist

"Wow! I have been with JRM since 2012 and still loving it! From management through to therapists, this is a fantastic company to work with – professional, highly regarded, great work ethic and super organised. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of therapists I have met during this time. Amongst them, they have a wealth of knowledge that extends far beyond basic massage, and that’s what makes them brilliant at what they do.

This is backed up by the fabulo us management and support for us at JRM. I am convinced Julia and her team never sleep! Thank you for being one of the best management teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Your unwavering support that high quality massage therapists should be paid for their time and expertise working with elite athletes, is exactly what this industry needs. No hesitations in recommending JRM for therapists who have an interest in working with elite athletes across a range of sports, or celebrities in the entertainment industry. This valuable experience is only outweighed by the FUN!"

Michaeli Peterson

JRM Therapist

"Just wanted to say I'm VERY excited for the future and working with a great team of fellow therapists with a passion for massage and thank you once again for your time with training. I really do appreciate it, I feel so much stronger and confident in massaging with sporting teams."

Tarnia Dorrington

JRM Therapist

"I started working as one of JRM's team of Massage Therapists when I returned to Sydney in 2009 for a short time. When I returned to Australia back in 2013, I started working again for JRM and many of the same massage therapists were still part of the JRM team. That said a lot to me as I always felt   Julia Russell Massage   gave a lot of support to her therapists. I am back living overseas again and have no hesitation recommending friends and clients to JRM, I found JRM respectful of my qualifications as a massage therapist and also found the standard of the other massage therapists I worked with ( I mostly did sporting teams such as NRL, Cricket etc) exceptional. Julia expects high standards from her massage therapists and I can say the ones I had the pleasure of working with always delivered."

Sandy Duncan

JRM Therapist

"I love working for Julia Russell Massage. I started working with JRM in December 2011. Over this time I have been lucky enough to work with a huge range of elite level sports teams and touring bands and musicians. There are too many to name all of them but they include: Fremantle Dockers, Melbourne Storm, Aussie Kangaroos, NSW State of Origin, British Lions, NZ Silver Ferns, Newcastle Jets, Perth Scorchers, Bruce Springsteen, the Foo Fighters and many many more.  
All the te ams and other therapists I have worked with over the years are friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to. The sessions always seem to go so fast because they are always so much fun.

Julia and the team behind the scenes do an incredible job organising everything to ensure that our sessions run as smoothly as possible. It is great to work for a company that actually cares about their therapists, the massage industry and that has worked so hard to get paid massage therapists working at an elite sporting team level."

Michelle Linton

JRM Therapist